Sep 26 th, 2018

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On Tuesday, Bangladesh has agreed to buy nine new commodities from Tripura using the three land customs stations set up in the state.

The state has eight custom stations set up different districts that send 21 commodities to the neighboring country. The nine items that have newly added to this list will also get relaxation on port restrictions.

The Director of Industries and Commerce Sandip R Rathore notified that six new items have been permitted for export to Bangladesh from Tripura using the Agartala-Akhaura International Check Post (ICP). The items mentioned are raw latex, maize, bamboo-based products, broomstick flowers, soybean seeds, and spare parts of vehicles that use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Also, the Srimantapur Land Customs Station in Sipahijala district and the Manughat Land Customs Station in southern Tripura will be used to export dry fish, betel leaves and rice.

Land Port Authority of India (LPAI) informed that the fish and other perishable organic items meant for import and export undergo a check for animal quarantine system before entering or leaving India. The new items that will now be exported will also undergo this check.

The industry feels it is a positive move and will increase the export from the state further. The Tripura Chamber of commerce and industries and had proposed to relax conditions on 27 items for export to Bangladesh which was later cut down to 10 items after discussions with the neighboring country officials. The trade between Tripura and Bangladesh started in 1995.

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