Sep 29 th, 2017

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A representative group from the dal millers of the country on Tuesday met the commerce minister Suresh Prabhu and asked him for allowing the exports of Chana, Masur and Moth pulses. The prices of these pulses are currently running lower than the official support levels because of a good produce and the government selling its stocks as well.

The exports of urad, moong, and tur were allowed from September 15 by the commerce ministry and Kabuli chana shipments have no restriction on them at all. The All India Dal Millers Association sent a letter to the commerce minister that read “India had produced about 260-270 lakh tonnes pulses in 2016-17 and imported 57 lakh tonnes of pulses … The country consumes about 250-260 lakh tonnes of pulses in a year.”

Masur is produced mostly in that states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar and is presently selling near Rs 400-500 a quintal which is much below the minimum support price (MSP) of Rs 3,950. Chana prices are riding above MSP currently. The traders are expecting that more chana will be sowed in the coming rabi season as the rainfall has been plenty and prices are better. This would boost the supply for the coming year.

As the pulse production is happening in plenty and the government agencies that had bought the pulses are selling off their stock. The prices of the lentils are therefore falling down. As the production is in plenty, the stocks with the government are enough, any shortage of pulses are not anticipated. India had stopped the export of pulses in 2006 and so has lost its share in the pulse export market. The Kabuli chana exports were not banned and so the farmers and traders growing and selling it have been doing well.

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