Apr 7 th, 2018

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The government has officially forbidden the import of oxytocin hormone into the country to stop the exploitation of the livestock with its use. The animal rights activists tell that this hormone causes imbalances in the body and reduces the life of the animals.

The center has also directed to the customs to observe and be alert to anyone trying to smuggle the hormone into India. The customs department has put a notice regarding this on their website.

The Central Board of Excise and Customs also added that the Indian government now wants to fulfill the hormone’s requirement by domestic production only and has therefore ordered a complete and immediate ban on import of oxytocin whether for animal or human use.

As per Maneka Gandhi, the Women and Child Development Minister, this hormone’s abuse in animals considerably reduces their life and makes them barren much sooner than normal. In 2014, the government had halted the retail sales of the prescription drug. However, illegal sales have been difficult to curb by the regulators and even the import volume of the hormone is unclear.

This ban announced of Friday came after the last year order of the drug regulator to lock out the factories that produce bulk quantities of this hormone even after not meeting the manufacturing norms and standards.

Top drug experts were taken into a panel that has recommended a ban on import in the month of February.  The panel had also advised restricting the sales of the hormone only to the registered government hospitals and clinics with use of a barcode system that can ensure complete tracking of the drug and control the abuse.

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