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I’d like to function as an agent of commodities particularly cocoa beans and cashew nuts. I have direct contact with farmers in Nigeria. I intend to only keep on hand samples of the product.

I recently came back from Nigeria last month, and I brought back four kilos of cocoa beans. I’ve contacted buyers (or tried to contact buyers which is a challenge in and of it itself) and have communicated with a few. Now, one company that I reached out to asked if I had product or spec sheets on the beans. I’m not exactly sure what those documents would consist of. In a completely unrelated situation, I was able to see a sample of dried cocoa beans from a distributor and the only thing that accompanied the sample was a document that provided the origin of the beans, batch number, and the vessel it arrived on. This is where the confusion set in.

I basically need to know what documents should I provide when sending samples. Is there a protocol or will there be a different standard from each buyer?

Crys Default Asked on October 27, 2017 in Import export Documents.
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