How to contact buyers for export. how to find buyers in other countries

How to contact buyers for export. how to find buyers in other countries. how to get buyers for export business

Deb Expert Asked on July 18, 2016 in Export Buyer.
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Getting continuous export orders is lifeline for any exporters. To get maximum export order, you must have worldwide visibility of your product. In this digital world, you can use internet to connect with millions of importer without much expenditure.

Any exporter looking for buyer in other countries must have a planned marketing strategy. You must use all tools either offline or online, to enhance your business visibility.

Do Market Research: Use primary as well secondary data to find targeted countries for your product. In beginning, select nearby countries and countries with less trade barriers. Use import export data, various expert publications, market research publications etc to check demand for your product, Profit margin, trade barrier etc. in targeted countries. Once you have selected few countries, start with marketing.

Online Tools:

  • An International multi-language website. It must be mobile translation ready and mobile responsive. Website must have proper lead collection forms to convert visitors into leads.
  • Promote your website using international SEO, Google marketing, social media, email marketing and various b2b portals.
  • Join various online business communities.

Offline Tools:

  • Participate in various international trade fairs. Showcase your company profile
  • Connect with export promotion council, Chamber of commerce, and foreign embassies to get verified importer details.
  • Appoint an agent in targeted countries.
Exim Engine Reviewer Answered on July 20, 2016.
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There are two ways  by which you can find buyers but retaining the buyer is a talent of the exporter

2 ways

Inbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

3 methods

1. You go to buyer and tell him that i can supply at u at a cheaper rate than your present supplier… This is to get first order but remember , if the buyer is coming to you just to reduce his cost then he may very well go to another supplier just he has changed the previous supplier. Also in this case the buyer will negotiate a stringent payment terms which may or may not work out for you and you may end up in losses     ———- This is an example of Outbound Marketing

Advantages: You may get the buyer and chances are average


Price and Payment terms may not be advantageous to you.
Buyer may stick with you until he finds another cheap seller
Expenses incurred for reaching the buyer through outbound marketing tactics like investment in  trade fairs, buyer seller meet, foreign trip etc

2.  You go to buyer and tell him that i am already supplying in domestic market and i have excellent track record and ask him are you willing to buy from me?

In this case you are at upper hand. If in case the buyer finds your quality and pricing suitable then he will come to you and stick with you longer time. This is also an example of Outbound Marketing but only differentiating factor from previous case is confidence of seller(exporter) and hos upper hand nature

Advantages: High chances that you will  get the buyer

Price and Payment terms may be advantageous to you. Buyer may stick with you

Disadvantages: Expenses incurred for reaching the buyer through outbound marketing tactics investment in  trade fairs, buyer seller meet, foreign trip etc

3. You dont go anywhere and get the buyer at your door step. You make the buyer to visit you This is suitable for people with less investment

This is suitable for products which are either unique or you have a best quality, your own brand  — This is an example of Inbound Marketing

if you have very normal product and want to go for inbound marketing , then u need to essentially invest in few things like quality website, social media, placing ads in international yellow pages etc

There are deeper aspects to those cases as mentioned above . I have mentioned just tip of the ice berg

If you need any more advices as how to get buyers reach out to me at

gani2020 Questioner Answered on August 12, 2016.
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As you are in import export business and looking for Buyers from other countries you can buy your products, So this is easy now with the help of some import export research report providers like ExportGenius and more

shrutibhatia Default Answered on October 6, 2016.
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Numerous online data agencies are available on the internet. Cybex Exim Solutions is one of them, its provide all products of import export customs data from more then 80 countries. The best part of this data is that it’s available 24 hours online and can be recovered from anywhere no matter which corner of the world you’re located in.

importexportdata Questioner Answered on October 3, 2017.
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