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Hi Everyone,
I am Paulo from Portugal and I am starting a Export company and i have some doubts and I would like to ask some help.

I am planning to export alcohol to a country where alcohol have limitation on quotes and licenses. In my case i cannot open a import company there to bring the alcohol from Portugal. I need approach a Import/distributor on the target country.

Since I am starting the company I don’t have company background and I believe if i present myself to those import/distributors they will not give me any credibility.
In your opinion what should be the best approach?
Should i try a agreement with producer of alcohol since they already very famous and with strong background to help me with this? And how? Any idea?  I have exclusivity for the target country however i believe can be sensitive if I create a presentation and present myself  a kind of sales agent from our producer.. What you think guys?

You believe can be easier if i just become export agent on a first stage and try a different agreement with alcohol producer?

For last I would like to know if someone know finance support In EU or Investors available to those kind of businesses?

best Regards
Paulo Azenha

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