How to apply for iec code. I want to apply for iec code

How to apply for iec code

I want to start import export business but i dont have import export license. I want to apply for iec code.

dany140 Questioner Asked on December 27, 2016 in Import export license.
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The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is the authorized body that issues the IEC to new exporters and importers. The operation of DGFT have become online and so the application for IEC can be submitted online and even the processing of the application and issue of code everything will be done over the computers and sent through the internet.

The requirements are:

  • Digital or scanned PAN card with both sides in .gif format
  • Scanned photograph of the applicant in .gif format
  • Scanned copy of the bank certificate as per Appendix 18 A in .gif format
  • A net banking account with one of the authorized The authorized banks are:
    The fee has to be paid by net banking.
  • These are the things required by all businesses. However depending on the type of business other documents required are:

Documents Required by an individual proprietor are:
1 Scan of Photograph or Digital picture of business owner in gif or jpeg format
2 Scanned Copy of PAN card also in jpeg or gif format
3 Scanned Copy of an ID proof like Voter ID or Driving Licence or Passport or Aadhar card. Anyone      will do and should be in gif or jpeg format.
4 Scanned current electricity and fixed line telephone bill of the office registered.
5 In case the Electricity bill and fixed telephone Bill is not in your name, an NOC has to be taken from    the owner and scanned.
6 Scanned Copy of the first of the Sale deed if the office premise is self-owned. Scanned Copy of          Rental agreement in case the office is rented or leased.
7 Scanned Copy of Bank Certificate and a Canceled Cheque bearing pre-printed applicant name and      applicant account number.

In the case of a Partnership firm the Documents needed to apply for IEC are:
1 Scanned Photographs of all the Partners.
2 Scanned Copy of PAN card of the firm.
3 Scanned copy of ID proof of one of the partners like passport or Voter ID or Driving
4 Scanned copy of the Partnership Deed.
5 Scanned copy of latest electricity and Landline telephone bill with the registered office
6 Scanned NOC from owner in case the bills are not in names of partners or firm
7 Scanned Sale deed if business premise own otherwise scan of Rental or Lease Agreement if the          office is leased or rented.
8 Bank certificate scanned and canceled cheque with printed name of firm or partner and Account         number also scanned.

The private Company requires following documents for IEC application:
1 Scanned Photographs of all Partners or Directors of the Company.
2 Scanned Copy of PAN card of Company.
3 Scanned copy of ID proof of all the partners or directors.
4 Scanned copy of RoC issues certificate of incorporation
5 Scan copy of the telephone bill and electricity bill that are latest and of the registered office of the      company
6 A copy of NOC from the owner in case the Electricity bill or Landline Bill is not in company or              director’s name.
7 Scanned Copy of Sale deed if the business office is self-owned or scan of the Rental or Lease Agreement if the registered office is rented or leased.
8 A scan of the Bank Certificate and also a scan of a Canceled Cheque which has printed name of company and account number.
9 All the scans should be in gif or jpeg format and should be less than 300kb to attach.

poojap Default Answered on December 27, 2016.
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