import/export business as Agent; how to minimize future risks of bypass?

Hello everybody!
we are about with our firm to enter in the import/export business and we would act – in some industry – as agents. But the downside, when you’re doing business as an agent, is that you run the risk that the parties will bypass your firm and deal directly with each other on any future transactions.
A part from a legal contract point of view, is there any significant tool that helps to avoid a such risk?
thanks a lot!

juventus1 Default Asked on February 7, 2017 in Import Export Business.
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Lock is meant for gentle people, not for their. If he wants to cheat you or bypass you there is no way. The only way is investyourself buy the goods and trade, but as an agent there will alwaz be the possibility for the same, or otherwise the seller needs to be very honest with you. Here the quantity works, if you have 20clients for the same product then the seller will not bypass becoz bypassing a single client may bother him the 19more so he will bypass.

Harishahuja Default Answered on February 7, 2017.
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Lock is meant for gentle people, not for thief………

Harishahuja Default Answered on February 7, 2017.
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establish your worthy to the buyer and control the seller,
to do that you should be a specialist in certain product/field
and thorough in every detail – which shall be appreciated,
respected by your buyer as you are depended by the buyer
totally – that is trust and he wont bye or pass U!

if you are touching too many things,
it shall be a touch and go game where in you get nothing except
leading a buyer to seller.

understand your worthy and decide if you fit in?

‘am such an able international trade consultant represent
American, Australian, EU buyers of high repute and they do only what they need
through me and my name will be there in the commercial invoice @ buyer’s reference column.

Pari Vallal Ranganathan Default Answered on March 21, 2017.
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