Jan 5 th, 2018

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During April-September 2017, India has exported 5.57 lakh tonnes of spices and products made out of spices that are of Rs.8, 850.53 crore in value. The spice and spice product export of India was at 4.5 lakh tonnes of value Rs.8, 700 crore during the period of April-September 2016.

A press release showed this comparison which presents an increase of 24% in volume and 2% in value in terms of rupee. In the terms of dollars, the earnings increased by 6% that is from $1,299.96 million to $1,373.97 million.

This press release also had a statement of Spices Board chairman A. Jayathilak which said that chilli, cumin, turmeric, cardamom, garlic and mint products were in ‘great’ demand amongst the Indian spices.

He also credited the Board’s efforts that helped in increasing the spice export.  Spices Board chairman said, “What is satisfying is that India’s exports of spices and spice products have been consistently moving up in the face of volatility in international markets and stringent food safety regulations imposed by countries across the globe.”

Chilli was the spice with the highest demand this year also with its export increasing 42% in quantity from 1.65 lakh tonnes in the previous fiscal year to 2.35 lakh tonnes with a rupee value of Rs. 2,125.90 crore in this fiscal.

Cumin was the next highest exported spice with an export of  79,460 tonnes worth Rs. 1,324.58 crore. The third highest exported spice was turmeric with an export volume of 59,000 tonnes with a value of Rs. 547.63 crore.


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