Jul 20 th, 2018

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As the Goa government has banned the import of fish from outside, the vendors have started selling frozen fish to run the business. The vendors are purchasing frozen fish meant for exports to supply at the Panaji market mainly mackerels. This fish is broadly used in Goa by locals and hotels and so sells easily.

The frozen fish is being sold at the retail counter at factories with FDA license that is needed to sell. As there is a shortage of fish due to the ban the frozen fish are being sold at prices of Rs.100 for five pieces which were being sold at Rs.200 for five pieces before the ban. Reliable sources of fish are reducing with time.  Fish is being procured from fish plants and factories in the state where fish were free from formalin.  The customers do not want to buy as they doubt of formalin being in the fish even after being told about the place of procurement. Many fishermen are supplying the fish too.

Small quantities of fishes are taken by vendors to sell to make the ends meet. The vendors are hopeful the fish ban will end soon and also the fishing season will be starting soon as August approaches. This will lead the things back to the normal and ample supply of fish.

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